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Boy Scout Troop 9
Newton, Massachusetts

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Troop 9 is a dynamic troop in Newton, Massachusetts.
During the academic year Troop 9 meets as follows (detailed schedule is below).
All are invited to attend!
When Sunday nights, 7-8 PM
Where Union Church in Waban
Address 14 Collins Road, Waban, MA 02468
Scoutmaster Kevin Mallory
Please come to a meeting!
Boys can join the Boy Scouts as early as the spring of their 5th grade and can participate through High School.

In a typical year Troop 9 scouts:

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Troop 9 Calendar

Camping Gear List

Troop 9 Eagle Scouts

Troop 9 has been in existence for more than 80 years!
Troop 9 Eagle Scouts
2011Joshua R. Bakan Auburndale
2010James B. Mashal West Newton
2009Alex Pergament Waban
2005 Christopher J. Godino Waban
Marcus H. Parsons Newton Highlands
2004 Christopher Aparo West Newton
David McGlame Auburndale
Michael D. Meltzer Newtonville
2001Michael S. Garshick Newton Lower Falls
1981 Michael A. Bass Waban
Phillip M. Coyne Waban
Michael J. Fleming Waban
Scott D. Powell Waban
1980Robert Wool Waban
1980Albert J. Costa Waban
1980Christopher Pringle Waban
1979John Forti, Jr. Newton Highlands
1978 James D. Campbell Waban
Kevin M. Hayden Waban
1977 Edward S. Campbell Waban
James F. Fleming Waban
Mark A. Fleming Waban
1976John F. Payne Waban
1976Jon R. Pearson Waban
1971Ralph G. Moore Waban
1969 Robert B. Maloney Waban
Stephen H. Payne Waban
Karl A. Seeler Waban
John H. Seeler Waban
1968 Eric B. Schwam Waban
Michael C. Milgroom Waban
1967 William S. Hurwitz Newton Lower Falls
Roger S. Lewenberg Newton Lower Falls
1965 William R. Braasch Waban
Roger O. Gittines Waban
Michael C. York Waban
1965 Gerald S. Hanauer Waban
Charles L. Hurwitz Newton Lower Falls
Walter H. Milgroom Waban
Philip Richardson Waban
Samuel W. Van dam Waban
Mark E. Warshauer Waban
1958John Derr Waban
1954Bruce M. Dow Waban
1946Arnold E. Grade Waban
1937Richard P. Kelsey Newton

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